Human centric smartphones for everyone

At sKreen we are not satisfied by today's smartphone ecosystem, where user consent is abused, control is centralized, and user interfaces get always more complex.

We figured out a better model, based on a fair and transparent contract with the user, supported by an intuitive smartphone interface.

Why sKreen?

More and more users do not care about the latest technology. They do not want to race for speed and size through ever more expensive smartphones.

All they are waiting for is a smartphone that simply better meets their key needs: calling, messaging & sharing content, accessing the internet, taking pictures, playing music & video.

These users do not seek technological performance but the performance of their own actions. sKreen simplifies smartphone usage thanks to a human centric technology based on neuroscience, and makes smartphone become intuitive for all tasks.

What we do


Simplicity in usage

Today's smartphone user interfaces have evolved into complex systems, partly because of feature creep. This leads to a very high cognitive overhead imposed to users even for the most basic tasks.

Instead, sKreen will offer an innovative UX supported by proven neuroscience concepts, integrated into the core of the OS.



sKreen pricing model relies on a subscription model: in exchange for a reasonable monthly fee, you will enjoy a sKreen device and its associated services. We will not monetize user data, but instead will create a healthy ecosystem that includes hardware partners.

Furthermore, we will not take any fee when you access content or install applications on your device. Allowing 3rd party developers to earn more and users to spend less at the same time!



sKreen is not aimed at chasing the latest hype. We will instead build a well rounded device using reliable components. Because of the financing subscription model, we can incentivize our hardware partners to provide long term support extending the life of our product.

Your data stored on sKreen services will also forever be fully available to you, exportable as a backup in an easily re-usable format.



Privacy is a core value at sKreen: we don't monetize users' data, and the Web based OS will offer state of the art tracking protection, alongside privacy indicators.

sKreen services will use client side encryption to ensure your data stays private to you only. sKreen will offer APIs for 3rd parties to create added value features without compromising privacy.


A new smartphone usage made possible thanks to neuroscience

By combining the latest results in neuroscience with an innovative Human centric UI approach, sKreen aims to bring smartphone usage to a new level of simplicity supported by an intuitive UI.

Exemple of neuroscience research: “User behavior accessing pictures folder on an Android device.” (c) SapiensUX
Innovative and disruptive user interface designed and tailored according to the latest discoveries in neuroscience.
Fully integrated UI to the OS, allowing app developers to build really seamless original services.

Our partner

sKreen will be based on the work done by our friends at KaiOS. This collaboration ensures we can execute quickly and mutually benefit from each team's progress.

sKreen will make some bold choices, like not having an "app store" since we believe it's not sKreen's role to be a curated distribution mechanism. Instead, sKreen will rely on the web platform as a strong sandbox.

Flexible & customizable.
time to market
Reuse parts of Android tied to chipset vendors while keeping full control on the application and services stack.
time to market
Time to market guaranteed compared to other OS alternatives.
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